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Estonian Bowling Association

Tenpin Bowling Division

Estonian Bowling Association (EVML) aims to serve the interests of tenpin and ninepin bowling. EVML is a continuation of the activities of an organization with the same name, established in 1931. Currently, EVML has 16 Sport Bowling clubs with nearly 300 active athletes and enthusiasts all over Estonia (see consolidated list).

Tenpin bowling first came to Estonia in 1996, after which it started developing rapidly. Since then, Estonian athletes have been actively participating in various tournaments and competitions both at national and international levels. Since 1999, the Estonian Championships have been held annually.

The Estonian bowlers’ ranking system was first implemented by EVML in 2001.

Since 2002, The Estonian Bowling Association has been a member of the WTBA (World Tenpin Bowling Association) and the ETBF (European Tenpin Bowling Federation).

Postal address :
Mõtuse 36, Tallinn 12620, Estonia
E-mail :
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Tenpin Bowling Section president : Gabriel Veide, + 372 5823 6065

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